Tuesday, June 30, 2020

June Is a Done Deal

I started using Tiny Decisions last month. It worked out well so I continued this month. My project wheel for June included:  1: Ann Roberts (HATS ), 2: The 12 Berries of Christmas (Erica Michaels), 3: Dyeing to Stitch Berry Club (Erica Michaels), 4: Halloween Ornie SAL (June Mummy) 5: Christmas Drum (Blackbird Designs), 6: Red Sampler (Lorraine Mootz) 7: Christmas Ornie SAL, and 8: Hello Summer (Plum Street Samplers)

Each project came up at least once, so they all got a little love during the month.

Ann Roberts before: 
Ann Roberts, now

Red Sampler before:

Red Sampler now:

My Christmas Ornament SAL theme for June was  Free Choice. My ornament was Quaker Birds by Little House Needleworks. 

My Halloween Ornament was really small and I was able to complete a second ornament.

Cricket Collection

I finally finished Day 1 of Erica Michaels' The 12 Days of Christmas Berry. I'm already working on
Day 2.
The 12 Berries of Christmas 
Day 1 -Partridge in Pear Tree

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Wednesday, June 10, 2020

June: Night Rider FFO

Time for the Fully Finished Gallery Check In
The aim of  Rachael's SAL is to encourage cross stitchers to fully-finish (at least some of) their projects, whether they have been recently completed or long-since neglected.

I had several projects lined up to FFO for this month's update. I was only able to complete one, my April Halloween Ornament. Hope to make some progress on the pieces that and pinned and ready for lacing. 

Night Rider
Jemini Designs
JCS Halloween 2016

June's Halloween Ornamet is stitched.
The Cricket Collection

 The Red Sampler is one of the current WIPs. This is my progress so far.

Reproduction Sampler (L. Moots)

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Sunday, May 31, 2020

WIPocalypse/Smalls May Update

 My stitching progress for the month of May. 
Ann Roberts
36ct Parchment 

Erica Michaels
The 12 Days of Christmas: The Partridge 

I started Flag of Stars on Memorial Day. I managed to get this much done on the blue field. Just starting on the stripes. After this I plan to work on another Bent Creek, The Flag.
Flag of Stars
Bent Creek Kit

Tonight,I finished the stitching on this sampler. I plan to use this as the box top for a button box. The sampler is from Cartonnage Brode au fil des boiles, Sophie Delaborde & Sylvie Castellano. 
28ct Natural Linen
DMC 712, Ecru

My Smalls for May were a Christmas Ornament finish and a Halloween Ornament.
28ct Green
DMC Blanc, Krienik #4 Braid 028

Essence is stitched, just need to sort and add beads.
Mill Hill Kit
The Ghost Trilogy: Essence

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Sunday, May 10, 2020

FFG SAL - 10th of each month
Time for the Fully Finished Gallery Check In
The aim of  Rachael's SAL is to encourage cross stitchers to fully-finish (at least some of) their projects, whether they have been recently completed or long-since neglected.

This month I manged to fully finish 2 of my monthly Lizzie Kates.

Lizzie Kate
Flip It Bits
Bit of May and Bit of June

Wednesday, May 6, 2020

April 2020 part2

This is my progress on my reproduction sampler.

Mary's Thread Smalls SAL

My latest finishes: 

Night Rider
Jemini Designs
JCS Halloween 2016

Peace Angel
Complimentary Card
Prairie Schooler

Okay I've lost count of the number of times I've tried to post. Hope this will eventually show up.

Monday, April 13, 2020


FFG SAL - 10th of each month

Lizzie Kate 
Flip It Bits

It's Fine-ally Finished Button Club


My April Stitching thus far:

Live Simply
A Quaker Wisdom Berry
Erica Michaels
All About Berries Club
Spring Hare Etching
Punch Needle & Primitive Stitcher Mag. 
It'`s Fine-ally Finished Button Club
I've two new starts: 
Hello Summer
Plum Street Samplers
36ct Parchment Victorian Motto Shoppe

Reproduction Sampler (L. Moots)
28ct Lugana (tea/coffee dyed)
Victorian Motto Centennial Red

Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Spring is on the way

This week  our temperatures are varing from the 80's to the 40's. The tree pollen has turned everything yellow. Yesterday we had high winds and a tornado warning. Spring will be here soon.

When I can concentrate on stitching, I've been working on Angus Dei. Not done with page one yet but I've made some progress.

Angus Dei
Modern Folk Embroidery

Holiday Hoopla Easter is done for now. I want some Whisper for bunny's tail. I thought I had some somewhere in the mountain of floss/fiber in my stash but......  I guess I'll include some in the my next order from my OLNS. For now I've stitched the tail in DMC B5200 until I can get the Whisper.

Holiday Hoopla Easter
With Thy Needle and Thread
Brenda Gervais

I mounted my Lizzie Kate Flip It A Bit of April and attached to a tin I bought at Michaels.
Lizzie Kate 
Little Bit of April
Flip It Bits

Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Cartonnage and Cross Stitch

At my guild's March meeting, we started learning Cartonnage. The the art of making fabric covered boxes originated in France in the 1800's. This art is still very popular in France and has spread to other countries. Some of the techniques are the same and others have changed a lot. Our first project was a bookmark.
Cartonnage sample project
I used this technique to make a basic fabric covered box. Needs some work but not to bad for a first try.  
Basic Cartonage box

My progress on Angus Dei has been slow. I had hoped to at least have the better part of page one stitched by now. Not so much. I did manage to get a few more stitches since this picture was taken.
Angus Dei
Modern Folk Embroidery 

My seasonal stitch is almost done. 
Holiday Hoopla, Easter
Brenda Gervais 

Our Saviour is on a time out right now. I worked on the right arm of the cross and continued working on the third line of the  poem on the right. I think I need to do some reverse stitching. My words are not lining up and I can't seem to find my error. ERRR!

Monday, March 2, 2020

My Leap Month Stitching

Well February has come and gone. I wish the posts I make in my head would magically appear here without me having to get our the laptop. I've had so many that never made it here.

Here is what what I worked on last month. I pulled out on old WIP/UFO Our Saviour and the Two Thieves by The Needle's Prayse. I started Holiday Hoopla Easter, by Brenda Gervais, and caved and started Angus Dei, by Modern Folk Embroidery.

I haven't worked on Our Saviour in a very long time. I'm not a fan of stitching words and this project is mostly works. So why oh why am I stitching this? It's an acrostic sampler. It's one of only 2 that I have seen patterns for.  Because this is an acrostic sampler, the spacing of the letters requires a lot of concentration and I'm a slow stitcher as my progress will bear evidence to. I want to work on this during Lent 2020 and see how far I get. I've forgotten the fabric name, but most likely the called for 36ct, using the called for NPI. There are only 4 colors used in the whole project.
Our Saviour and the Two Thieves
The Needle's Prayse
36ct with NPI

Angus Dei was started on Ash Wednesday. I want to work on this and Our Saviour during Lent. I'm working this on 32ct Millennium Blue with DMC 822. I'm struggling trying to find a stitching rhythm with this one.  Should I work the diamonds down then fill in or complete fill all the way down. We will see.
Angus Dei
Modern Folk Embroidery
32ct Millennium Blue
DMC 822

My seasonal stitch; Holiday Hoopla Easter. Hope to get this done soon.
Holiday Hoopla: Easter
With My Needle & Thread
called for colors 
I spent a few days working on Halloween at Hollyberry Farm and Prairie Schooler Christmas Alphabet but I haven't taken current pictures. When I pick up Halloween at Hollyberry Farm again I will be working on the bottom left side fence and border. The PS Christmas Alphabet has 9 finished blocks and 6 blocks framed and ready for filling. The Ornament for Halloween Ornie SAL for February was black cats. I stitched a cat from a Just Cross Stitch Ornament Issue.