Sunday, October 25, 2020

Stitch-tober Week 3

 My border on the Festive Fob is stitched. Next up, I'll be joining the seams to form a humbug.

Heartstring Samplery
Harvest Edition

My progress on Moonlit Owl.

Moonlit Owl
Mill Hill Kit 
The third block of 2020 Halloween Mix and Match is done. The cat isn't as much be black as it is gray. I'll be moving on with the borders and other blocks this week. 
Lori Holt 
2020 Halloween Mix and Mach.

Monday, October 19, 2020

Stitch-tober Week 2

 I touched a few of my projects last week but it's hard to tell. I ran out of  threads while working on Moonlit Garden so no finish there. I was able to order 2 of the three threads that I need to continue work on this piece. For the third thread I scavenged a couple of other projects and I think I may have enough leftovers of the third color to complete Moonlit Garden. Keeping a good thought.

Block 2 of 2020 Halloween Mix nd Match is done.

Next up will be a black cat in the top right box.
Beaded and ready to be finished.

Finished, shaped and hanging on the tree.
This was a simple finish. Black felt was glued to the back with black ribbon added for hanging. I used a white craft glue that dries clear.

 I worked a little on Nevermore, by Lila's Studio and Fat Quarter Shop's,  Fright Night but didn't get very far. I hope I'll have enough progress to warrant a picture next post.

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Sunday, October 11, 2020

Stitch-tober 2020: Week 1.5

 I spent last week working on FQS 2020 Halloween Mix and Match and their Fright Night Stitch-tober SAL. I also finished the stitching Mill Hill's Glowing Pumpkin, from the Painted Pumpkin series

The border is available as a free download from Fat Quarter Shop and the images to Mix and Match are from Lori Holts' Stitch cards.  
The first block is done. I opted for hot chocolate with whipped cream and chocolate bits. I'm not a pumpkin spice girl. Next will be the Jack o Lantern. 
Fright Night is being stitched on Hazey Gray, by Fabric Flair, with WDW over dyes. Week One included the word 'Halloween" and a spider hanging in its web from the letters E-N. Week 2 is a bat and moon to the right. I have the bat started and I'm thinkig about using DMC or Krinek glow in the dark for the moon.

Today I started the beading on Glowing Pumpkin. Hope to finish it up this week. Next up is this Autumn Harvest kit, Moonlit Owl. My colors are sorted and ready to go. This little design takes 12 floss colors, 5 bead colors and a MH treasure, to bring it to life.
In between Mix and Match, Fright Night and Moonlit Owl, I plan to continue working on Blackbird Design's Moonlit Garden, and Lila Studio's Nevermore. I would really like a finish on Moonlit Garden this month. 

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Wednesday, September 30, 2020

September 2020 Update

My most recent finish is another piece from Festive Fobs. I stitched another basket motif. I plan to finish this one as a humbug. Hope to do the finishing this weekend.



I worked some on Portrait in Red. This is my current progress.


I pulled out Blackbird Design's Moonlit Garden. I started this sometime ago. It will serve as my WIP and Seasonal piece until it's done. Hoping what's left will go quickly.


I've plans for 2 new starts. First off is Halloween 2020 Mix and Match and second is Fright Night. Both of these are SALs with Fat Quarter Shop. The official start date for Mix and Match is tomorrow the 1 Oct. but I got a jump start on my border. The fabric is a 28ct Charles Craft Antique White that I Rit dyed.


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Sunday, September 13, 2020

Fully Finished: September 2020

Time for the Fully Finished Gallery Check In
The aim of  Rachael's SAL is to encourage cross stitchers to fully-finish (at least some of) their projects, whether they have been recently completed or long-since neglected.

I've been working through Festive Little Fobs Harvest Edition. So far I've finished 3 of the pieces. My finishing so far as been a disk, drum and strawberry.

Festive Little Fobs Harvest Edition
Heartstring Samplery


Tuesday, September 1, 2020

August Smalls

My managed to have a few finishes and a couple of FFO's in August. First up, I finished day two of the Eric Michaels 12 Berries of Christmas. I stitched another Prairie Schooler Tree and 2 pieces from Heartstring Samplery Festive Little Fobs Harvest Edition.
12 Berries of Christmas
Erica Michaels
Day 2
This Prairie Schooler Tree is from one of their mini cards. Used the called for DMC and stitched my initial in red. Just want to stitch at least one more tree to go with the two I have so far. Need to visit the store to find some buckets for finishing.
The Prairie Schooler
Two of the nine projects from the Harvest Edition of Festive Little Fobs by Heartstring Samplery.

Heartstring Samplery
Festive Little Fobs: Harvest 
I opted to finish the turkey as a disk and the pumpkin basket as a drum. This is my first drum. It came out better than I expected and I was able to wrangle my rick rack in to submission and got it to look just the way I wanted it to.

My drum and disk ready of a fall display.

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Monday, August 24, 2020

MId_August Check-In

I worked on this post for 2 days almost 2 weeks ago and couldn't get it to publish. I keep getting an error when attempting to load pictures and no insight on how to fix the problem. I accidentally got online with Firefox tonight and decided to try to use this browser. I usually use Chrome.The font is very small which is a struggle for me. Hope I can find a way to make it larger. Also the pictures don't come in as picutes but as HTML code, so I can't see what they look like until I preview/publish. Keeping my fingers crossed that it will publish this time.
♠ My new start was : Winter Row by Bent Creek. I'm stitching on a twilight blue 32ct fabric. I started with the alphabet and I'm ready for the first tree. After the next set of letters I'll work on the snowmen. ♠ I have 2 WIPs Portraint in Red, Green Apple Co. Working on the her red turban.
♠ My second WIPs is The 12 Days of Christms Berry by Erica Michaels. Since taking this picture I finished the stitching.
♠ This didn't take as long as my last two attempts but it's still a struggle. There has to be a better way to do this, this 'upgrade' to Blogger is not as user friendly as it could be. ♠ Thanks for stopping by, ♠ Gwen

Monday, August 3, 2020

July: Smalls and Ornaments

Okay, so I'm trying to learn how this new Blogger works and failing! This will be quick, it has not been painless for far.

Plans for working primarily on some Christmas ornaments in July went awry. I did manage to complete one HOD Chalk Ornament. The other projects completed was a third Cricket Collection Scary-corn and a FFO of Hello Summer by Priscilla and Chelesa of Stitching with  the Housewives.
When I get some more black perle cotton I'll add the trim to the witch ornament. Silent Night will be most likely be a flat finish as well. Hope to FFO that one with some others a group when I get a couple more of my Chalk Ornaments stitched. Hello Summer What's in my Cup was finished as a small pillow. I added Rick Rack with beads as my trim. 

Scary-corn : Cricket Collection

I'd like to re-order these pics but it's a struggle right now. I hope I can figure this out and how to add captions before my next post.

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Tuesday, June 30, 2020

June Is a Done Deal

I started using Tiny Decisions last month. It worked out well so I continued this month. My project wheel for June included:  1: Ann Roberts (HATS ), 2: The 12 Berries of Christmas (Erica Michaels), 3: Dyeing to Stitch Berry Club (Erica Michaels), 4: Halloween Ornie SAL (June Mummy) 5: Christmas Drum (Blackbird Designs), 6: Red Sampler (Lorraine Mootz) 7: Christmas Ornie SAL, and 8: Hello Summer (Plum Street Samplers)

Each project came up at least once, so they all got a little love during the month.

Ann Roberts before: 
Ann Roberts, now

Red Sampler before:

Red Sampler now:

My Christmas Ornament SAL theme for June was  Free Choice. My ornament was Quaker Birds by Little House Needleworks. 

My Halloween Ornament was really small and I was able to complete a second ornament.

Cricket Collection

I finally finished Day 1 of Erica Michaels' The 12 Days of Christmas Berry. I'm already working on
Day 2.
The 12 Berries of Christmas 
Day 1 -Partridge in Pear Tree

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Wednesday, June 10, 2020

June: Night Rider FFO

Time for the Fully Finished Gallery Check In
The aim of  Rachael's SAL is to encourage cross stitchers to fully-finish (at least some of) their projects, whether they have been recently completed or long-since neglected.

I had several projects lined up to FFO for this month's update. I was only able to complete one, my April Halloween Ornament. Hope to make some progress on the pieces that and pinned and ready for lacing. 

Night Rider
Jemini Designs
JCS Halloween 2016

June's Halloween Ornamet is stitched.
The Cricket Collection

 The Red Sampler is one of the current WIPs. This is my progress so far.

Reproduction Sampler (L. Moots)

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Sunday, May 31, 2020

WIPocalypse/Smalls May Update

 My stitching progress for the month of May. 
Ann Roberts
36ct Parchment 

Erica Michaels
The 12 Days of Christmas: The Partridge 

I started Flag of Stars on Memorial Day. I managed to get this much done on the blue field. Just starting on the stripes. After this I plan to work on another Bent Creek, The Flag.
Flag of Stars
Bent Creek Kit

Tonight,I finished the stitching on this sampler. I plan to use this as the box top for a button box. The sampler is from Cartonnage Brode au fil des boiles, Sophie Delaborde & Sylvie Castellano. 
28ct Natural Linen
DMC 712, Ecru

My Smalls for May were a Christmas Ornament finish and a Halloween Ornament.
28ct Green
DMC Blanc, Krienik #4 Braid 028

Essence is stitched, just need to sort and add beads.
Mill Hill Kit
The Ghost Trilogy: Essence

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