Sunday, February 14, 2021

February: Stitching and Stash

 Happy Valentines Day!!

I finished my February Monthly Markings. 

Monthly Markings Feb
Heart in Hand            

I also worked on 2 Mill Hill kits for my 21  Halloween Ornaments in 2021. I finished the stitching on Candy Corn from Autumn Harvest Collection and now I've pulled out Moonlit Owl. Hope to have both stitched and beaded soon. My other ornament stitching a start on Day 4 of Erica Michaels' 12 Berries of Christmas.

Day 4 :12 Berries of Christmas
Erica Michaels

This month, I've decided to focus on my heritage stitching. The first week I worked on Lady Justice, last week I worked on Portrait in Red. I'm almost done with the head dress and should start working on her face soon. 

Lady Justice

Portrait in Red
Southern Roots

This weekend proved to be very productive.  On Thursday I saw the notification  that the 13 and 14th would be the second WIPGO weekend of 2021. I set a goal of working 100 stiches on Woman Silhouette and to stitch the top border on page one of Nevermore. I was able to meet both goals and I'm especially happy with my progress on Nevermore.

Woman Silhouette

Lila's Studio

If that wasn't enough I was able to purchase one of GaRon Toten Bags special February bags. It arrived of Friday and now houses Lady Justice!  

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Sunday, January 31, 2021

Jan 2021 Wrap Up


Primitive Hare Freebie
This was my SAF (start and finish) last week. I added some small buttons to this Primitive Hare freebie and finished it as a pillow.

I've a start on Monthly Marking, by Heart in Hand 

I've changed most of the colors so far. I'm just using the colors I have close at hand.

The WIPGo numbers for February have been posted.
My projects called were Woman Silhouette, Artecy and Nevermore, by Lila's Studio
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Monday, January 25, 2021

My First 24HOC

I'm not one to count stitches or track the time spent on project. However I am always looking for ways to increase completed projects. This past weekend, I took part in the FB group 24 Hours of Stitching Challenge. I knew I couldn't make the 24 hours of the challenge but wanted to see if I could make 12 hours. On Friday after work I hastily pulled my projects out, and started to gather the needed supplies. 

The focus piece I decided on was Lady Justice, Mirabilia. It was a piece I wanted to make some progress on and it was part of my WIPGo called number of January. I managed to complete most to the bodice and started on the ribbon sash at her waist. 

I also kept handy a smaller project. My Starry Night was close to finish. So that became project number two. 

I'm really please with what I was able to accomplish, and will try to take part in a future marathon. 

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Monday, January 18, 2021

Week 2 Wrap-up: Some progress and a new start

My finish of the week was Erica Michaels' 12 Berries of Christmas, Three French Hens. I also had a small start on #4. 

Erica Michaels
12 Berries of Christmas

Last week I completed my second WIPGo Goal. I worked for five days on my WIPGo block #6 and #13. Since I would like a finish on Halloween at Hollybery Farm, I worked on that project of my Free Space (#13) I finished the tombstone and added 2 birds. On #18, Monica, I'm working on the border of the apron. I had a slight design modification, so now I'm trying to work around it. I'm hoping I don't have to frog. Keeping my fingers crossed.

The fabric is 28ct Gingham Tin Roof 
(I can't get  a decent picture of this at all.)
Monica, A Capodimonte Italian Pincushion Doll

I've made some progress on Starry Night. That should be a finish this week.

Starry Night
Prairie Schooler

The border for this Valentine Wishes pillow/ornament was stitched last year. I've one more color to add and the motif will be done. I'm not working the lettering. I'm trying to figure out if a motif is needed to compete the look.

Valentine Wishes
Blue Ribbon Designs

Today I made a small project bag. I have some more planned as soon.

Lady Justice came out today. I had to really take some time to reorient myself to the project and come up with a good working plan. My copy of the pattern is very light and some of the symbols are very similar. Now I'm working from my tablet and using the mark-up feature to highlight what  I've done. It's making it a little easier to track what I've already stitched and helping me to map out my future path. I started in the area of her right shoulder. Should have enough for a decent picture by the next post.
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Thursday, January 14, 2021

Boo Ghost

 My first fully finished for 2021is a small piece from Mill Hill. This was designed to be a pin. I covered the back with felt and added a hanger to make mine an ornament. This is the first project for the FB group 21 Halloween Cross-Stitch Projects in 2021. Only 20 more to go.                                                                                                                                  

Boo Ghost

Mill Hill Kit 


Monday, January 11, 2021

2021 Week 1

I spent 5 Days working on Halloween at Hollyberry Farm. A few more stitches and I'll be through with the tombstone.  

Halloween of Hollyberry Farm
Stacy Nash

May Wordplay by Brenda Gervais was  already started, soo..... I made it my first Wordplay SAL project for the year. This is my progress so far. Worked on the two flower pots, birds and wheelbarrow and the bee skep. I've got to look at that bee skep a little closely, I think I am off by one thread somewhere. 

May Wordplay
Brenda Gevais

The third project to see some stitching was berry number three of Erica Michaels' 12 Berries of Christmas. My birds are still headless. I hope to remedy that this week.

12 Berries of Christmas
Erica Michaels
My new starts were Prairie Schooler's Starry Night, and a band sampler on banding that I plan to stitch with borders and alphabets from some of my design/motif books. I have a new tabletop tree and I would like to have the PS ornaments done in time for Christmas 2021.

Prairie Schooler
Starry Night
With a goal of  working more on my WIPs and possibly finishing more, I've decided to give WIPGo a try. This is a facebook group started by Jessie Marie Does Things. This is my first attempt at WIPGo, it took me a while to decide what I wanted to focus on this year. I finally got the board done, then struggled to get it uploaded. I read Jessie's post several times but still managed to start on a month that wasn't called for January. Ahhh, Now I think I've got it straight. Still have 20 days this month to meet my goals. keeping my fingers crossed.

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Sunday, January 3, 2021

Last and First

 Happy New Year!

My last finish of 2020 was Moonlit Garden

I decided to leave off the words on the bottom.

This year I've continuing with the Christmas Ornie SAL, and Smalls SAL. I have 4 more Days from the Hands on Design 12 Days that I need to stitch. These with go towards the Christmas Ornie SAL and the FB 12 Days of Christmas Stitching Group that I joined. I just need to decide on another set of 12 Day designs. I'm also took on the challenge to stitch 21 Halloween Cross Stitch Projects in 2021, and trying to use Jessie Marie's WIPGO to focus my WIPs. I will be trying to boost my fully finish projects and post to Fully Finished Gallery monthly. 

My New Year's start and finish was Boo Ghost. I'll be finishing this as an ornament instead of a pin as it was intended. Also, I didn't add the star to the ghost's hand. I would like to find some Halloweenish charm, pumpkin, skeleton etc., instead.
Boo Ghost 
Mill Hill Kit
My second finish is Queen Bee.
Queen Bee
The Blackberry Rabbit
I started this in December and finished the stitching today. I will be using this for a birth sampler for a co-worker. I'm in the progress of charting the details that I'll be adding at the bottom, also need to look for a frame. Hope to catch a frame sale at Hobby Lobby or Michaels.

Wishing you a Happy and Healthy New Year with lots of stitching.

Wednesday, December 2, 2020

Back on Track

I managed to get my Snowman re-stitched in the correct spot. Next I'll get back to the letters on Winter Row.


Winter Row 

Bent Creek

My ornament this month will be Chicken Joy, Pricilla and Chelsea. I think this is my third start on this ornament. I'm stitching it on a piece of black evenweave from my stash.

Chicken Joy
Pricilla and Chelesa, Stitching with the Housewives

I have half of the stones/bricks on the Moonlit Garden House stitched. A finish is a really possibility this month. 

Sunday, November 22, 2020

Progress and an Oops

Last week I stitched primarily on two projects. Winter Row and Moonlit Garden. 
I just looked over Winter Row and realized I will have to remove from the snowman through the letter P. Yes, that's pretty much everything I just stitched. The snowman is several rows below where it should be, therefore the letters following are also off. 
My Moonlit Garden, Blackbird Designs is close to a finish. I need to finish the house, pumpkin, and add a few more details and I'll be done.

This should be a finish by my next post.

Well off to find a seam ripper Arrrhhhhhhh........


Sunday, November 15, 2020

Fully Finished: Oct./November


Heartstring Samplery
Festive Little Fobs Harvest Edition
JCS Ornament Issue??
Cricket Collection
Glowing Pumpkin
Mill Hill Kit
First Christmas
Lizzie Kate

These are my latest finishes since last FFO post. 


Monday, November 9, 2020

Stitch-tober Week 4 Plus

Fright Night will be on the stitching list for next Halloween.

 I got one more block done on 2020 Mix and Match Halloween. Four done and five more to go. 

I've started working on some seasonal projects and Christmas gifts.

Project One:

A Quaker Wisdom Strawberry was the last berry from Dyeing to Stitches' All About the Berries Club.

Project Two:

Bittersweet Strawberry by The Purple Thread. I'm using the fabric and threads supplied in the kit.

My first Christmas ornament finish is for the newest member of the family. This will be her first Christmas. It almost completely done , I just need to add a twisted cord and a hanger.

It's fully finished. The humbug from the Festive Little Fobs Harvest Edition. I added a magnet so it can be used to  hold needles or as a holder of a small pair of scissors. 

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