Saturday, May 16, 2015

Gifted Gorgeousness - May 2015

The GG project that has had the most progress thus far is Strawberry Lace by Diane Clements. This past week we received the very sad news that Diane passed away. She will be sorely missed by the needlework community. I had the opportunity to take a class with Diane and it was a pleasure to meet her and see her exquisite execution of her stitching especially her Reticello work. RIP

I have the needlebook cover almost done. I need to add two eyelets at the top. Then in the photo there are 4-sided stitches along the outer edge but they are not in the instructions. I will re-read that section again to see if I missed something. Either way I will be adding some 4-sided stitches because I think it ties the cover together with the pages. I just need to decide how far out to stitch them. The last piece that needs to be tackled is the sewing case cover.

Strawberry Lace 
needlebook cover

Strawberry Lace
my progress so far

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Tuesday, May 5, 2015

May 2015: WIPocalypse Check-in

A few changes to my WIPocalypse list. I can't seem to get going on Josephine:Porcelain Doll Pincushion. I think it's because of the over one. I stitch mostly after work and it's sometimes a chore to stay focused, so working over one becomes very tedious. I would like to get at least one doll finished so, I have added A Christmas Doll Pincushion and Thimble Purse by Giulia Manfredini to my WIPocalypse list. The stitching is over 2 and all color changes are from the overdyed fibers. Gorgeous colors, very little mental challenge after a long day at work.
A Christmas Doll Pincushion
Fabric:35ct off white linen 
Waterlillies: Cherry, Fir

I have found 2 FB groups that focus on half dolls. One is  Pincushion Doll SAL: working on pincushion dolls, from various designers and the other a group of half doll enthusiasts, Hall Doll Connections: displaying their collections and offering advise on origins, starting, adding to a collection, etc. While both groups are listed as closed (to prevent spammers), a request to join is welcomed by the moderators Robin and Reen. If you are on FB check them out.

Part 2 of The Finely Finished Folio has been released; this portion has a pinkeep and needle minder. I received my kit last week and started the pinkeep. Here is my progress so far.

Finely Finished Folio Part 2
It's Fine-ally Finished/Needle in a Haystack

My latest almost finish is a God Bless America Tuck-A-Way pillow. I just need to stitch down the candle button, then pop it into the pillow in the back of the picture. I bought this at my guild's first Stash-2-Stash sale. I needed to support the guild, I needed some new red, white and blue. Well that's my story and I'm sticking to it. I have several other good excuses for the other stuff I bought, but we will talk about those later. ;-)

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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

April Wrap Up Smalls and All

I am super excited about the Smalls SAL check-in for this month. I have some finishes to celebrate. I used two of the motifs from Stitch-Creation's pincube to stitch a floss tag holder and a pinkeep. I'm almost done with the assembly, just need to decide how to finish the edges.

Finish number two is "Growing Love" Stitcher's Wallet. This is now on the top of the To-Be-Finished pile.
My altered Altoid tin is finish number three. Yeah! The theme for the Halloween Ornie SAL was tombstone. While I found myself with several good candidates to stitch I had a hard time making up my mind. I was running out of time when I decided on the tombstone from one of the panels of Drac-in-the-Box, JCS Halloween 2013. I got out some graph paper and made up the two tombstones on either side, then used it as a Tin-Topper.

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Thursday, April 16, 2015

Gifted Gorgeousness - April 2015

I missed the check-in yesterday because I hadn't taken an updated picture. Today it is raining and will be for the rest of the week and weekend, if the weather man can be believed. So here is my short update and a not so hot picture.  
After my Easter crafting hiatus I am finally back to working on Strawberry Lace. I have had to frog a portion of everything I worked on this past week. I hope the frogs will go away so that I really get back in the stitching groove. I did manage to get the pincushion back stitched. 
Strawberry Lace
pincushion back
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Sunday, April 5, 2015

April WIPocalypse

Image result for easter graphics

Hen: Size 10 Crochet Thread: 
Blue: Sz 30 DMC Cebelia
Pattern: Christiane Eichler
Red: Sz 30 DMC Cebelia
Pattern: Renulek

Host Merasi
I got a little distracted this past month. I was browsing and came across the crocheted hen and a lot of pictures of tatted eggs. It started with the red egg, then I found the pattern used on the blue egg. The blue egg turned out to be a lot bigger than I expected. I was almost through with the first half when I looked at the instructions again and realized that the thread used in the model was size 80 and I had used a size 20 thread. Luckily I was able to find a paper-mache egg that it could fit. Now I'm working on one in the size 80 thread, it should be ready by next Easter. 

Aside from the pin cube that was in my last post the only stitching that I can report on is this below. 

Growing Love
Threadwork Primitives

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