Wednesday, February 4, 2015

WIPocalypse February 2015

I have more projects started than I care to count. I have picked a few that I would like to finish and/or make significant progress on this year. Now whenever I do this I wind up working on everything but my focus project(s). This year I am joining in, on this SAL to hopefully stay focused and cross some projects off my list by the end of the year.

My list as of Jan.:
 WIP: Margery Dean - Scarlet Letter
WIPStrawberry Lace - Diane Clements
WIPJosephine: Porcelain Doll Pincushion - Rae Iverson (Moss Creek Designs)
WIPFinely Finished Folio - Jackie du Plessis (It's Fine-ally Finished)
WIP: Tulip Tray - Sherri Jones ( Patrick's Woods)
WIPChristmas at Hollyberry Farm - (Stacy Nash)
My Son - Catherine Strickler (Indigo Rose)

My February progress:

The pinkeep for Finely Finished Folio:Lesson 1, is stitched.
Next up the pouch.

Added two windows to Christmas at Hollyberry Farm

The Front and Back of the scissor fob. (Strawberry Lace)

I will be adding a date and initials below the crown later.

 A little progress on Josephine. I added a small portion of the stem to the leaves.


Katy said...

Great job!

Elfie said...

Lovely projects. I'll enjoy watching them grow.

Elfie said...

Lovely projects. I'll enjoy watching them grow.

Vickie said...

Well you are stitching away. Let's hope you have a finish soon. :)

Roberta said...

Hey Gwen, You look like you are organized for this upcoming year. Good for you - I need to do the same - see you soon.

Julie said...

Well done.

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Nice to see progress on each of these pieces.
I worked on all mine because of the Crazy January Challenge!

woolwoman said...

Good luck with your WIP list. Our EGA chapter does a challenge every year and it can also include WIP's - it is a good motivator but does it motivate me - Hardly I scoff !!!! the more I need to focus - the more OOOHHH shiny - new pieces I seem to start. Hope you enjoy them - it's the journey that counts right! Mel

Erin (moviemuse) said...

You got quite a bit done. The red fabric for that pin keep is stunning! I look forward to seeing it all finished.

Marcy said...

I can relate, I'm easily distracted by the newest lovely ... sometimes it's hard to keep on point. Everything looks lovely.