Monday, May 3, 2021

May Days

I squeaked in two more finishes last week to end the month. In addition to last week's finish of Month Markings, I finished Starry Night, and Pumpkin Spice a freebie from 21 Halloween Cross-Stitch Projects in 2021. I really love the look of the WDW Autumn Harvest thread.
Starry Night
Prairie Schooler
Stitched on black 28ct Lugana (I think)
A tad too big for an ornament, possibly a pillow or flat fold finish.
Pumpkin Spice
Hel Panda Ross
FlossTube/Instagram made me do it:
I pulled out Just Add Tinsel, Blue Ribbon Designs to stitch along with Lorrie of Mischievousstitches and friends. I finished the front and back of the Star Pinkeep. I had to made a design modification (wink, wink) since I had made the stars' outline too small and didn't want to frog. (Full disclosure, most of these two were already stitched. I just added the flowers etc.) The next piece I will be tackling is the scissor fob. One of the birds is almost done. 

Just Add Tinsel
Blue Ribbon Design
Laura and Brenda of Laura and  the Serial Starter have challenged the lovers of  Blackbird Designs to stitch a Blackbird Weekend on the first weekend each month. I have several started and a lot more planned, Soooo..., this past weekend pulled out  Casting A Spell. This is also on my WIPGO board so thought I could kill two birds with one stone. I worked on the border for the Halloween sign.
Casting a Spell
Blackbird Designs
The WIPGO numbers for May were posted last week and they are:
My projects are 22: The Game, goal stitch 5 days this month (about 5 hours)
My minuscule start.
The Game
Artecy Designs
My progress on Sunday after spending some time wrangling my threads and attempting to get better organized.
This sepia toned cross stitch is from an antique print. I'll have to make it about a 3rd the way down the left side (top of the chair back/top of girls head) before I can see any definition.

19: Hands on Design 12-Days  I have only 4 more of these ornaments to stitch. I have been stuck on Ladies Dancing for far to long. Not sure what my problem. Hopefully this will get me over the hump and I'll get the last 4 at least stitched this year.

12 Days
Hands on Designs
I will see if I can fit any of these into the May Acrostic on 24 Hours of Cross Stitch. 
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Monday, April 26, 2021

Marathon Weekend Progress


The April, 24 Hours of Cross Stitch Marathon ended last night. Over the weekend I was able to finish the left border and turn the corner at the bottom of Halloween at Hollyberry Farm.The leaves and center of the flowers don't show up well but, they are there. I wish that I had changed the called for color.  I also stitched the crow newel under the willow tree. 
Halloween at Hollyberry Farm
Stacy Nash
When I needed a break from flowers and leaves, I worked on April Monthly Markings, and stitched a few rows of Portrait in Red.
Portrait in Red
Southern Roots
April, Monthly Markings
Heart in Hand
Halloween at Hollyberry Farm and Portraint in Red are two of my WIPOcalypse projects for 2021. I would love to finish both this year.

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Saturday, April 24, 2021



The WIPGO Numbers for April were:

 My projects were Nevermore, Lila's Studio and Halloween at Hollyberry Farm, Stacy Nash

Two weekends ago was WIPGO Weekend. The goal being to spend some stitchy time with the called projects for  the month. While I did work on both, I made the most progress on Nevermore. 

Nevermore, Lila's Studio

This weekend is 24 Hours of Cross Stitch Marathon Weekend. The object? Select one or more projects and spend 24hrs from Friday to Midnight Sunday stitching. I'm firmly on #TeamSleep. I started on Friday night and was able to get in about 4 hours before going to bed. Twenty more hours to go, fingers crossed.My focus piece this weekend will be Halloween at Hollyberry Farm. I will be working on the border primarily. I know I will have to do some frogging, but I will leave that for later.

Halloween At Hollyberry Farm
Stacy Nash

Off to make some more Xs
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Thursday, April 1, 2021

2021 Easter Blog Hop


Blog Hop is hosted by Jo of  Serendipitous Stitching

If you have arrived here from her blog you know the route. If you have arrived here from a different blog have a look at Jo's Blog and hop to each of the participants to enjoy a lovely Easter treat.

I spy with my little brown I (eye) a family of hares out for a stroll.

Plum Street Sampler's, Easter Blessings

Now hop on over to : 

The Alchymyst's Study for your next letter.

Continue collecting letters from each blog. The letters will spell out a seasonal phrase. Return to Jo's blog and let her know what phrase you found.

Monday, March 29, 2021

March 2021: Week 4

 Thanks to WIPGO Weekend and 24 Hours of Cross Stitch Acrostic I have some FFOs and finishes. 

With Easter being early this year I was pleased to finish a few seasonal pieces.
Spring Whirligig
Heart In Hand

Two egg flowers
Pattern from online

Spring Topiary
Scissor Tail Designs
My Christmas Ornament this month, was number 3 from Starry Night by Prairie Schooler.

I'm still working on Portrait in Red and Lady Justice.
This is my progress thus far on PIR.
I need to fill in these areas and continue with the front area of her shoulders.
I'm still working on the ribbon (bow) at the front of Lady Liberty's dress. There are a lot more stitches there than I first thought. 

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Sunday, March 14, 2021

March FFO

My only FFO so far this month.  

March: WIPGO weekend

Last week I spent a lot of time stitching, frogging, then re-stitching. Luckily the areas that I had to re-stitch weren't very large and in the end I was able to make some progress. When the threads I'm waiting on arrive I should be able to make some more progress. I hope my order arrives tomorrow as projected by the tracker.

This was a WIPGO weekend. I got a late start but was able to meet my goals.

My start on Spring Whirligig by Heart in Hand

Two more blocks from Casting A Spell, Blackbird Designs.

And my progress on Portrait in Red, Southern Roots.

This week I want to stitch March, Monthly Marking; Spring Whirligig and Lady Justice, and working on my 24 HOCS Acrostic.

24 HOCS March Acrostic:

P-Portrait In Red (5 days)

R-Rabbit Spring Whirligig

O-Owl Mill Hill

J-Lady Justice (5 days)


C-Crow Casting a Spell

T-Trees 12 DOC Erica Michaels 

B- Bunny Spring Topiary

A- Angel Starry Night

G-Initial Block 'G' Casting a Spell

S-Stars Block Casting a Spell 

Monday, March 8, 2021

March Plans

 WIPGO Numbers for March

Casting a Spell, by Blackbird Designs is on my board for both numbers . My goal is to finish stitching 5 of the  10 mini pincushions, before the end of  the year.

First up, I stitched the initial pincushion. The 'G' initial doubled as my finish for the 24 Hours of Cross Stitch March Acrostic; 
P - Portrait  in Red -Southern Roots
                                                       R - Rabbit - Spring Whirligig
                                                       O - Owl- Mill Hill
                                                       J - Lady Justice, Mirabilia
                                                       E- Egg
                                                       C- Crow, Casting a Spell
                                                       T - Trees, 12 Days of Christmas
                                                       B - Bunny - Spring Topiary
                                                       A - Angel, Starry Night
                                                       G - Initial 'G', Casting a Spell (done)
                                                       S - Stars Block, Casting a Spell

Sunday, February 28, 2021

February 2021: Week 4


February is over and this is what I was able to accomplish. 

My smalls were. 

Candy Corn, a Mill Hill kit, finished as an ornament instead of the suggested magnet.

My Second, ornament from Starry Night 
I also stitched 2 Easter egg ornaments.

This is not the best pic. I wanted these flowers to look like snowdrops. I may have to outline them so that they will show up better.

My three heritage projects for the month were, Lady Justice, Woman Silhouette, and Portrait in Red. Most of my stitching time turned out to be on Portrait in Red. I had a couple of visits from the frog, so I'm not done with the face yet. Hopefully, I'll be able to complete the face soon and move on to the shoulder area. 

I got some more done to the dress and the ribbon around her waist.
Started down the bodice of Woman Silhouette
Face almost complete.

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Sunday, February 14, 2021

February: Stitching and Stash

 Happy Valentines Day!!

I finished my February Monthly Markings. 

Monthly Markings Feb
Heart in Hand            

I also worked on 2 Mill Hill kits for my 21  Halloween Ornaments in 2021. I finished the stitching on Candy Corn from Autumn Harvest Collection and now I've pulled out Moonlit Owl. Hope to have both stitched and beaded soon. My other ornament stitching a start on Day 4 of Erica Michaels' 12 Berries of Christmas.

Day 4 :12 Berries of Christmas
Erica Michaels

This month, I've decided to focus on my heritage stitching. The first week I worked on Lady Justice, last week I worked on Portrait in Red. I'm almost done with the head dress and should start working on her face soon. 

Lady Justice

Portrait in Red
Southern Roots

This weekend proved to be very productive.  On Thursday I saw the notification  that the 13 and 14th would be the second WIPGO weekend of 2021. I set a goal of working 100 stiches on Woman Silhouette and to stitch the top border on page one of Nevermore. I was able to meet both goals and I'm especially happy with my progress on Nevermore.

Woman Silhouette

Lila's Studio

If that wasn't enough I was able to purchase one of GaRon Toten Bags special February bags. It arrived of Friday and now houses Lady Justice!  

Thanks for Stopping by,