Saturday, May 4, 2024

More April Stitchng

With my April stitching, I continued to work on my Year of WIPS (YoW), and my WIPGO Boards. I’m  also using the Magazine Monthly Challenges to help me pick my focus pieces each month.

I did some frogging on this one and will most likely do some more. I’ve changed my mind about the colors in that top border. The border is repeated below ‘ A Son is Given’. This is my progress so far.

Prince of Peace

Erica Michaels

I’m working on the largest motif on One Dozen Quakers. A few more hours and it will be done. I’m not strictly following the SAL schedule but I’m still on track. The Zoom meeting on Friday helped my get most of the inside of the motif done. I’m switching the numbers for initials of my family.

One Dozen Quakers
Rosewood Manor
My starts included A Slice of Summer and Swirl Anjou Pears.

I’m stitching with the called for Dinky Dyes. I started with the one on the left, Swirl. This will be a new to me finish. Keeping my fingers crossed that it will go well
Anjou Pears
Annie Beez

This is being stitched with some called for colors and some subs. The design came kitted with the fabric and a cute ladybug button. Wish I could find the other seasons.
Slice of Summer Kit
Erica Michaels
Nativity Row
Bent Creek
Nativity Row is the second of my 4 completions for the YoW. Two more to go by December.

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Mary said...

Very pretty wips. I love the One Dozen Quakers by Rosewod Manor. Congratulations on your Nativity Row finish.

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

I love a personalised Quaker sampler. The Nativity Row is very sweet too.