Sunday, February 17, 2013

February:Week Two

After a week of gray skies and constant rain, the sun is out today. The temps have dipped some but still it's a great change to see the sun again.

The past week everyone in this neck of the woods stayed  indoors unless it was absolutely necessary. I was able to make some progress on most of my projects.

I have almost completed page 1 of Christmas at Hollyberry Farm. Page one ends with letter P of the large alphabet on the right and the top portion of the roof at the bottom.

I will finish the roof this week then decide if I should continue with page 2 or drop down to page 3 and work on the house.


Next up is The Ann Bowers Sampler.
The suggested SAL schedule for February is to work through the carnation band and row 2 of the second alphabet.

So far I have a small start on the assignment for this month, not sure I will make it.

I am stitching along with Nicola and others on Scarlet  Letter samplers this year. I started out with Margery Dean, a WIP and this past week added the Quaker Pincushions.
Getting the border in on Margery Dean has gone a little slowly but I did make it all the way to the right side. Here's hoping I have counted correctly.

On Saturday I pulled out a long ago stitched project and started the assembly. I am in need of some ribbon and a couple of buttons or beads to complete this project. Do you recognize it? Hope to have it complete by next post and include pictures then.

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CJ in OK ;-) said...

Lots of pretty progress on all of them. At least you got something out of the gloomy weather. Enjoy the sun. CJ in OK

Nicola said...

You have done so much Gwen between your projects. Poor weather is the perfect excuse to settle down and stitch.

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Hi, just returning the following. There is some beautiful stitching on your blog.