Tuesday, September 6, 2011

UFO Sunday

 One of my goals for 2011 was to finish at least one UFO. Of course then the question was which one should I chose. With the current stack you would think that was an easy question to answer, but on the other hand maybe that is why UFO exist to begin with. What should I stitch on next?  This weekend I pulled out Silk Thread Stitchery by Rae of Moss Creek Designs. I started this design many moons ago and promptly stitched the needle roll and portion of the scissor fob. The came the next project and the next ..... you get the picture. Anyway I now have all but one of the outer borders of the needlebook done. I started with the 4 sided stitch border then worked the amethyst  border and the inside pulled stitch border. It feels good to finally make some progress on this one.

needlebook upper right-corner

A little hard to see the white on white, but all my  borders are done except the outermost border.

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Jenny said...

Anothewr gorgeous design by Rae... I really need to get back to her stuff here soon! I am always thinking that I need to get going on her "Halloween box", with all the creepy crawlies!
So many projects, so little time...