Wednesday, October 5, 2011


 Has it really been a month since I posted? Someone must be stealing my posts! Okay, I know they are not so interesting that anyone would steal them. Just can't believe that none of the pictures I took or the words in my head ever made it to the blog. Did manage to get some stitching done while on hiatus, Blackbird Designs' Autumn Song was pulled from the UFO pile and is almost complete. The piece is designed to be a box top with a needle keep to store inside. The top of the box is done, a few more hours and the needle keep will also be done. Need to make a decision about the finishing and weather to stitch the alphabet band.


needle keep in progress

I 'm still working on Silk Pulled Thread Stitchery, my progress pictures are eluding me right now (have to check around for the right sd card).

My finish for September was, EEK!. EEK! by Brightneedle will be finished as a pin. It is stitched on 32ct Dk. Expresso.

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Lana said...

Love your stitching!! Life happens, don't worry about not posting too much!! I find that my blog suffers during busy times too!

Shelley said...

EEK! is sweet!

Jenny said...

Oh, you are hitting all the beauties at the same time! Love'em both - and it reminds me that I need to stitch a few more Brightneedles for our empty blog...
I am looking forward to see the BBD box-top finished - I love it!
I had to laugh at the "words in my head" statement I do the same - blog in my head... one of these days they will come up with a way to do that - oh happy day! LOL