Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Month Number 8

I am in the dull drums of late summer. August is almost over, that kids are back in school, but it is still pretty hot here. A nice rain would be welcome to bring the temps down a little.

I finished Pine Tree Hill and a cute tiny sewing case, that I have not taken a picture of yet. Maybe next time. I seriously need to get some finishing done if any of these stitched ornaments are going to be displayed this year. Time is running thorough the hour glass very quickly.

Right now I am working on and exchange piece that I have to mail out next week. The patten calls for just 2 colors, here are the materials I am using. The theme is a Fall Pyn Keepe.

Some of the seeds and plants that I planted have survived the summer heat. Just when I thought all was lost I spotted these visitors.

It's a little hard to see but there is a hummingbird getting some nectar from the flower on the right. I hope he will be back so that I can get a better picture.

Back to the stitching channel.
Until next time,


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Jenny said...

Don't you just love garden visitors!? I just saw the seasons first (to me) humming-bird this week. I was thrilled!
Take care and have fun stitching on your exchange piece!