Monday, January 23, 2023

Twenty four Hours of Stitching

 The first 24 Hours of Cross Stitch Marathon of 2023 snuck up on me. I thought I had my calendar all set up but I missed 24HOC. I chanced upon a post and scrambled to get my projects together. I spent the weekend working on The Game, Nevermore, Hare's Spring, and As Life Wears Away

The Game, Artecy is my 25/7 project. My goal is to work 25 stitches or 25 minutes seven days per week. I've finally got started on Friday. I have a new plan for working this project and spent a lot of time working on the parked threads and setting up my new plan.

The Game
Artecy Cross Stitch

Nevermore is coming along nicely. I'm almost through with the raven.

Lila's Studio

Hare's Spring is my Year of the Rabbit Challenge project, sponsored by Halloween Cross Stitch Challenge. I know, not Halloween but Ana knows we stitch other things as well. 

Hare's Spring
Plum Street Samplers
As Life Wears Away, what can I say. The top portion is my current goal. It has more stitching than I realized, but  I hope to get it done my my next stitching session on this project.

As Life Wears Away
Carriage House Samplings
The next marathon is April 21-23 I hope I can get at least get this much done again.

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Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Lovely work over the weekend. I notice she is coinciding them with IHSW now which is great for people who can do both. I’d love to be able to stitch for 24 hours straight but if I don’t go to bed, neither does my son LOL
Very intrigued by the Artecy design, I’ll have to look that one up. I also love the Lisa’s Studio design.

Gwen said...

@Jo I don't do 24 hours straight. This is the first time I've managed a full 24 hours. I usually fall short an hour or 4. :-) I stitched 8 hours each day for 3 days. I'm definitely #teamsleep.