Sunday, March 23, 2014

Crafty March part 3

Crafty March is almost over and, I still trying to finish the sewing case and accessories.

The instructions for finishing the pin cushion consisted of one  line. "Model has pairs of Bullion Stitches around sides." So how do I proceed? Should I use lining fabric on the back or another piece of linen? When should I stuff? How many wraps for the Bullion Stitches and how far apart should they be? Many questions no answers. I had studied this chart many times, trying to come up with a plan for the finishing. After working on 3 of the 4 pieces I still was not sure how to complete the pin cushion. I am down to 8 days to reach my goal so a decision had to be made.

This is my process to get results that look like the model. I used my magnifier to attempt to count the number of threads in the seam allowance and between each set of Bullion stitches. I folded in a seam allowance, six threads beyond the design. Then I basted the pincushion to another piece of linen along the fold line. The two pieces were sewn together, right sides facing, using the sewing machine. The seam allowances were trimmed and the corners clipped. Then I  turned the design right side out, and pressed. At this point I thought it best to work the Bullion stitches on three sides, before stuffing and closing the fourth side.

I have managed to complete 2-1/2 sets of Bullion stitches. I feel like I am in the home stretch, hopefully I can get the others done this week. 

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Julie said...

It's going to be so lovely Gwen.

Vickie said...

How disappointing to not have directions. It is looking very good.

woolwoman said...

good luck Gwen - perseverance will pay off for you - Mel