Sunday, July 11, 2010

Lady Jane's Garden pt. 2

My carrier arrived home on Thursday. I was very relieved when I opened the box and there was no damage to its precious cargo. I am waiting on some ribbon to embellish the carrier lining but in the meantime here is my progress so far.

Spool holder

Inside carrier


Spool holder inside carrier.

Just one more piece to compete ...............

Thanks for stopping by,


Sharon said...

It is beautiful!

Jenny said...

Hi Gewn,
Ot looks amazing - gotta loce the effect of all those queen-stitches. You are so productive, I'm all jealous of you now...
I have been pretty bad at stitching lately, but I hope that it'll pick back up soon.
Are you going to HH this fall? I won't be able to make it, but the project looks fantastic! I don't understand how she manages to top herself for each class!
Well, gotta go - happy stitching & hugs,