Sunday, May 13, 2007

Celebration of NW report

Well I arrived in New Hamshire on Wednesday. I was scheduled to take four classes. After having my arm twisted by my friends (wink) I signed up for 2 more classes. So on Thursday at 8 AM I was in class with Sherri Jones taking Fair Charlotte's Souvenir Pyn Purse and later that day Maureen Appleton's Garden Trail: Thread Box. After these there were my classes with Jackie du Plessis of It's Fine-ally Finished, on Friday and the Round Robins. Julie Norton of J Designs class was on Saturday and the Saturday Night Event-a dessert social and auction to raise money for Breat Cancer Research. My last class on Sunday was with Lauren Sauer. If you have an opportunity you should make every effort to attend Celebration of Needlework at one of the 2 locations. You should find something to to satisfy your needlework taste.

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