Monday, March 18, 2013

Read, Reread, Stitch

Most of my weekend stitching was spent on Rhapsody in Blue. I wasn't able to complete all of the stitching for the start of the finishing class today but I came very close. Even after reading the instructions I stitched one set of motifs over 2 that should have been stitched over 1. So I am having to stitch them a second time.

New Motto:
Read directions (chart)  twice or thrice (if necessary) stitch once!!

My other big stitching accomplishment was working on the house on Christmas at Hollyberry Farm.My first window has been framed in. Moving on to complete the top floor.

I also finished the stitching on my project  for the blog hop sponsored by Jo that will be taking place on Good Friday. Stop back by for a link to see what everyone has created.

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Bertie said...

Jackie's project looks fabulous Gwen, shame you have to restitch one! Am now mad with myself I did not go for it! look forward to the finishing. Hollyberry is lovely too.
Have a great week;)