Friday, March 2, 2012

Leap Day Finish

The inside portions of my Blueberries and Cream piece are stitched. I've completed the 3 needlepages and the Threader Pocket. Now on to the tape measure cover.

I will have to do some frogging on Live, Love, Laugh as I just noticed that I have miscounted the placement of 2 motifs. Arghh................

My group project with Swan Sampler Guild was finished on Leap Day 2012. The piece was Tiny Flag by Shepherd's Bush. My Tiny Flag was stitched to be finished as a framed piece. I plan to order the mat from an online shop.

Hopefully I will have it framed and ready to hang by Memorial Day.

Well it seams I can't add pictures today, not sure what is going on with Goggle/blogger. Will try later.

Thanks for stopping by,



Roberta said...

Hi Gwen, the SB little stitch is darling -

See you one of these days at Friday Stitch in.

Lelia said...

This is lovely!

Beautiful stitching