Thursday, June 16, 2011

Week 2

Well here it is Thursday of Week 3 and my post is still sitting in post limbo. This is what I planned to publish earlier this week:

Another fabulous weekend of stitching! Sherri Jones was here to teach our guild on Friday and Saturday. We had a great time working on A Blue Ribbon Sewing Box and The Lounging Hare. BRSB was on Friday and one lucky stitcher went home with a completely finished box. Amy traveled all the way from MI with her pre-stiching and assembly done and was able to glue everything together during class. The rest of us hope to follow suite soon.

On Saturday we started the stitching onThe Lounging Hare. The accordion panels are small but offer a chance to try out some new stitches and techniques. I have already worked the lattice with upright cross tie downs on one panel and started the woven band on another.


Pockets for The Lounging Hare with thread pallet.


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