Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Road Trip

I spent a wonderful 5 days with some stitching friends last week. Though it rained the entire time it did not deter us.

We visited a couple of quilt shops, Delectable Mountains in Vermont, and Webs a very nice yarn shop in Mass. Driving up from NY our first stop was Norton House, a very nice quilt store and the 1836 Country Store in Wilmington, VT. Norton House had a very nice fabrics and quilting accessories. Second stop on the list was Delectable Mountains.

Delectable Mountains is a treasure trove of  silk, velvets, trims, buttons, scarfs, jewelry and linens. There was so much to see and experience that we could have spent the whole day there.

After lunch we started on our way to Webs.

Even those of the group that were not knitters spend some time in Webs admiring the large collection of yarns and accessories. The wide array of texture and color were enticing on a rainy day.

Friday and Saturday was a class with Jackie of It's Fine-ally Finished. It was a wonderful time. I feel privileged to be able to spend the time together and hope to see everyone next year.

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Jenny said...

Aaah, nothing to relax one as shopping trips with friends. That is, unless a stitching class pops up - that is the jackpot!
It will be a lot of fun to see more of your progress on Jackie's project. What is the name of the class piece?

Take care!!!

Chris said...

Hi Gwen,
What a fun time! Stitching, shopping and friends! I love that part of New England.

Bertie said...

Great to see Sandra enjoying herself shopping!! She looks good:)) So nice to hear you all had a great time with Jackie. Love your blog:))