Monday, March 8, 2021

March Plans

 WIPGO Numbers for March

Casting a Spell, by Blackbird Designs is on my board for both numbers . My goal is to finish stitching 5 of the  10 mini pincushions, before the end of  the year.

First up, I stitched the initial pincushion. The 'G' initial doubled as my finish for the 24 Hours of Cross Stitch March Acrostic; 
P - Portrait  in Red -Southern Roots
                                                       R - Rabbit - Spring Whirligig
                                                       O - Owl- Mill Hill
                                                       J - Lady Justice, Mirabilia
                                                       E- Egg
                                                       C- Crow, Casting a Spell
                                                       T - Trees, 12 Days of Christmas
                                                       B - Bunny - Spring Topiary
                                                       A - Angel, Starry Night
                                                       G - Initial 'G', Casting a Spell (done)
                                                       S - Stars Block, Casting a Spell

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Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Looking forward to seeing this one stitched. I'm enjoying WIPGO too,