Monday, July 8, 2013

The Fourth and a First

On the Fourth, I decided to do some seasonal stitching. So out of  the stash came Acorn House's Patriotic Drum Box. This design came out a few years ago and is super cute. I managed to get the drum sides stitched and now need to complete the top and bottom as well as the scissor fob. Not a lot of stitching on this one.


After working on the drum box for awhile I gave in to Stitcher's Startitis
and started a new Scarlet Letter  reproduction. S.Wood is a miniature sampler that will measure about 4 x 3-1/4 inches when stitched.  The border is 3 rows deep. There is a verse, a cartouchĂ© and some small birds and strawberries motifs. Two rows of the border and the first row of the verse are done.

Margery Dean is my usual project for Sunday. This week I had to restitch the portion I worked on at least twice before I could get it right. Because of the frogging Margery is not making and appearance this week.

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