Sunday, May 20, 2012

Live Love Laugh is finished. Well I must admit it has been finished for a couple of weeks now. I got the threads in record time and was able to finish it up. Now I need to get it framed.

Almost done with The Darning Sampler. Struggled a bit with Pattern F but finally got the rhythm and was able to complete it. Less than 4 patterns to complete and I will be done.

For our program in May my EGA Guild had a member taught class in a Beaded Bracelet that I have finished.    Thanks Gail, this was a fun project!

Still working on my pre-stitching. I have to get at least one of them done this week. Classes will be here soon.

Thanks for stopping by,



Mary said...

Beautiful job as usual, Gwen.

Bertie said...

LLL Looks Lovely Gwen, congratulations. The darning sampler is fabulous too, a lot of counting, I saw my friends darning sampler last week and it is a worthwhile project. Would love to see it in June, looks so forward to the CSW!!
Until then:))