Monday, September 14, 2009


I received several stitched items that are too cool to keep to myself. So I would like to take this opportunity to share them with you.

Th first picture is the package I received from a fellow stitcher Karol on Stitching Blogger's Birthday Club exchange. Each participant stitches an item and sends it to their exchange partner along with any extras if desired. The idea is to have the package arrive on or before the big day. Who doesn't love being remembered? The needleroll Karol stitched for me is the Stitcher's Roll from Shepherd's Bush. The inscription reads: 'A needle thin, Be placed herein, Can stitch & hem, Darn sew & mend.'

Stitcher's Roll
Shepherd's Bush kit

The second set of pictures are of a Midsummer Night Designs piece that is a needlebook with 2 self lined stitching pockets. The Remember Me Stitching Pocket was made for me by my dear friend CarolB, who usually breaks into a sweat at the thought of using the sewing machine. She has gotten a lot more comfortable at the sewing machine recently, and is well in her way to conquering her fear altogether. She did a wonderful job on the stitching and finishing.

A Stitcher's Pocket
Midsummer Night Designs

I also received a beautifully lined box with a stitched lid from another dear friend DixieM. Hopefully I will get home in time to take a decent picture and post it later this week.

Thank you ladies for sharing your wonderful talent with me. I wish my camera skills were better and could really do justice to these pieces.



Karol said...

Hope you enjoyed your presents and had a stitchy birthday!

Siobhan said...

Lucky you, Gwen! Looks like lovely gifts.