Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Finishing date in sight

Since I am on the computer I guess I should stop in here for an update.

I think I have found the buttons I will use on "What a Hoot". So now I can continue with the finishing as soon as I get a chance. I got the frame and charm for my January ornament from Lois so that is also on the finishing table. Now to cut the mat board and lace the piece. I should be able to get one or both of these done by next weekend. I am scheduled to take a class this weekend in ATL with Jane Timmers of Fancy Works, but my car is in the shop. I hope that I will have it back by Thursday. Keeping my fingers crossed.

I've finished the stitching on a biscornu for an exchange on Hooked on Exchanging. There wouldn't be a picture for awhile. The mailing date is the 21st of March and it has a long way to travel. I will post a picture after my partner receives it.

Now I need to start my pinkeep for my next exchange and decide on an ornament for March,

Happy stitching everyone.

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