Saturday, November 25, 2017

November: Geese and Trees

This month I finished another ornament from my Hands On Design, 12 Days. I'm on Day 6, the Geese are laying. One egg is stitched with Krenik gold number 4 blending filament, and some beads were added to the bottom holly spray. The others won't be stitched let alone finished in the next 4 weeks. So I'm considering these an early start to 2018.  

12 Days

In the next few weeks I'll be working on some name trees for my family. I stitched 2 last month and don't even want to think of how many more I want to do. Some may not be done until next year. These two still need to be decorated (beads and a tree topper). I've started adding beads to the purple ornament.

Personalized name trees

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Julie said...

Name trees are always so pretty, nice colours you chose for yours.

woolwoman said...

I had never seen the name trees before. I love your HoD 12 days ornaments. Hope you are settling in for a wonderful holiday season.