Friday, January 1, 2016

Happy New Year 2016!

My goal for 2015 was to cross off at least one item from my SAL/WIPocalypse list. I managed to cross off two items and finish a few smaller projects. Reading has distracted me the last few weeks, but I plan on getting in some stitching today. I am starting a SAL, Hark by Erica Michaels with a friend, and hopefully at lest one strand of thread on a few others. My goals will be showing up on a later post.

SAL/WIPocalypse 2015:
WIP: Margery Dean - Scarlet Letter - no progress
WIPStrawberry Lace - Diane Clements

February, 2015

My progress as of Dec. 20115

WIPJosephine: Porcelain Doll Pincushion - Rae Iverson (Moss Creek Designs)- no progress
WIPFinely Finished Folio - Jackie du Plessis (It's Fine-ally Finished)

Part 1: Pinkeep
stitched, not assembled

WIP: Tulip Tray - Sherri Jones ( Patrick's Woods)- no progress
WIPChristmas at Hollyberry Farm - (Stacy Nash)

February, 2015

As of December, 2015
My Son - Catherine Strickler (Indigo Rose)- did not start
"Growing Love" Stitcher's Wallet - Nan Lewis (Threadwork Primitives)

A Christmas Doll Pincushion Doll and Thimble Purse Giulia Manfredini

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