Tuesday, May 5, 2015

May 2015: WIPocalypse Check-in

A few changes to my WIPocalypse list. I can't seem to get going on Josephine:Porcelain Doll Pincushion. I think it's because of the over one. I stitch mostly after work and it's sometimes a chore to stay focused, so working over one becomes very tedious. I would like to get at least one doll finished so, I have added A Christmas Doll Pincushion and Thimble Purse by Giulia Manfredini to my WIPocalypse list. The stitching is over 2 and all color changes are from the overdyed fibers. Gorgeous colors, very little mental challenge after a long day at work.
A Christmas Doll Pincushion
Fabric:35ct off white linen 
Waterlillies: Cherry, Fir

I have found 2 FB groups that focus on half dolls. One is  Pincushion Doll SAL: working on pincushion dolls, from various designers and the other a group of half doll enthusiasts, Hall Doll Connections: displaying their collections and offering advise on origins, starting, adding to a collection, etc. While both groups are listed as closed (to prevent spammers), a request to join is welcomed by the moderators Robin and Reen. If you are on FB check them out.

Part 2 of The Finely Finished Folio has been released; this portion has a pinkeep and needle minder. I received my kit last week and started the pinkeep. Here is my progress so far.

Finely Finished Folio Part 2
It's Fine-ally Finished/Needle in a Haystack

My latest almost finish is a God Bless America Tuck-A-Way pillow. I just need to stitch down the candle button, then pop it into the pillow in the back of the picture. I bought this at my guild's first Stash-2-Stash sale. I needed to support the guild, I needed some new red, white and blue. Well that's my story and I'm sticking to it. I have several other good excuses for the other stuff I bought, but we will talk about those later. ;-)

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jocondine said...

Great post, reading you I have made some research on christmas doll it's gorgeous. Thanks for sharing. xxx

woolwoman said...

looks like a lovely start on your half doll, they are so beautiful when finished. I know what you mean about tired eyes and stitching after work (sigh) I'm with you on that one. NO over 1 when I'm tired. Enjoy your projects - Mel

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Glad you've found a project that you can happily work on. Maybe the other one can be finished when you take a holiday?