Monday, March 3, 2014

Crafty March

Happy Craft Month.
To celebrate the month of March, I will be working on assembling some projects. The first that I am tackling is Merry's Heirloom Sewing Case I & Accessories. All of the finishing is by hand so it may take me the whole month to complete this four piece set. I started with the Sewing Case and that is almost done. Next will be the  Pin Cushion has pairs of Bullion Stitches around the sides. I need to practice Bullion Stitches before I attempt that one.

In the meantime I made some projects bags, and twisted cord for two ornaments. The twisted cord is pinned to each ornament ready to be attached.

Thanks for stopping by,



Julie said...

A very lovely design and such beautiful goodies you will have Gwen, its a really nice chart.
Looking forward to seeing your finished items.

woolwoman said...

good luck with your finishing Gwen - looks like a beautiful set.
Cheers Mel