Monday, May 6, 2013


 I look at the date of my last post and I am amazed that a whole month has past and I didn't make one single, solitary post. I must admit, I have not made as much progress on my current projects as I had planned.

In the past few weeks I did take a couple of classes that I truly enjoyed. The first was Appalachian Spring a counted canvas project with Michael Boren and Carol Lake. I chose the Arabian Nights one of the nine colorways offered.
I just returned from Celebration of Needlework. While there I was able to visit with some friends I had not seen in a quite awhile. We had a great time together. I took 3 classes there Winter White with Eileen Bennett, Vintage Sampler with Julie Norton and A is for Acorn with Jackie du Plessis. Two whitework pieces and a fun Etui. Looking forward to getting those done.

Since our days are getting longer, I should be able to post some pictures by the weekend.

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Bertie said...

Oh I miss your pictures Gwen. Great to hear you had a good time at CON, Mary told me she was going. I bet you all had a ball:))