Monday, May 23, 2011

Gardening Indoors

All of my gardening this past weekend was done with needle and thread. I have a class coming up that required some pre-stitching. Since the date was drawing near and I spend most of my stitching time working on this piece.

Unfortunately I can't seem to get a good picture of this. It looks much better IRL. There is to be a Schwalm worked heart in the area above the yellow flowers. I just need to work the outline and finish the back of the piece and I will be ready for class.

Mary these are for you. Finally seeing some improvement in the yard.

(Blogger is having it's way with the formatting and I don't want to fight today.)

See you soon!


Jenny said...

Oh, that looks like a really pretty class piece! What class is it?
Great to get to see some gardening pics too - isn't it wonderful to see the growth in the spring?

Gwen said...

Hi Jenny,
This is Rae's practice piece for Spring ASG this year, Schwalm Embroidery Hope Chest. The practice piece is a pin keep doll, this is the front of her dress.

I am really enjoying the flowers in the yard this year. I have a couple of other areas I am still working on.

Mary said...

Hi Gwen:
Love what you've done with your garden! Thanks for the view.