Monday, January 10, 2011

First Week's Progress

Have you stitched on silk gauze lately? Who knew it could be so much fun! I have several kits in my stash, and may have started 1 or 2 many years ago before my floor lamp/magnifier. This is the first time I have really had fun stitching on silk gauze. There is hope that some of those kits in my stash will make to the top of the pile and on the walls. Here is my progress on The Pineapple Sampler from Threads Through Time.

My other New Year start was AHRH. I have also made progress on Block 1.

 Last but not least I have stitched a portion of the JBW design The Shoe Shopper on their pre-finished shoe bag. Trying to get my hands into the area to be stitched has not been fun, so I have opted just to stitch the shoe for my shoe shopping DSis. This will be part of her B-day present. I can't believe I have something done ahead of time. Okay, okay I admit I started this in Dec, 2009 (it was originally to be a B-day present in 2010) got frustrated and put it away until now. 

Many stitches and lots of finishes,

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Roberta said...

Wow, Gwen great start for the new year. Love the silk gauze piece and the shoe and bag.