Thursday, November 11, 2010

SSS....Some Seasonal Stitching

Looking at the date of my last post and the calender I see that I have missed a whole month.  It is hard to believe that November is not only here, but it is almost half over. Can the Christmas season be far behind?
In October I started some seasonal stitching.Moonlit Garden, BBD is the sampler that I chose to work on.  I also completed the stitching on a few ornaments. Not wanting them to land on the pile of
stitched-but-not-finished, I have spent at least an hour each day this week on finishing.

 My Seasonal Ornaments:
Pumpkin Stack
Finished with a felt back and ribbon hanger.
A Time To Reap
Plum Pudding NeedArt

Hopefully I will get some Christmas stitching done before the big day. Where oh where did the year and all my good intentions go?

 Until next time,

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Chris said...

Hi Gwen,
I love the pumpkin stack.