Sunday, June 13, 2010

Back from a short Hiatus.

I have spend the last few months pre-stitching for classes and while I still don't have a finished project to show, I have had fun and learned a lot. The first class I took was Hare Pyns with Sherri Jones. Lots and lots of stitching but oh so worth it. The project is just beautiful, but still a W.I.P.

Two weekends ago some friends and I made our annual trip to AZ to attend A Stitcher's Gathering. This usually warrants at least one trip to The Attic Needleworks and this year was no different. We spent a few hours shopping, visiting, shopping, enabling, and shopping (you get the picture) with Jeana and her staff. We left there with more stash and lighter wallets to prepare for our class. Thanks Jean, April and Sandy for your hospitality we love visiting your store each year.

Rae Iverson of Moss Creek Designs the organizer/host of A Stitcher's Gathering has designed a fan etui Live Long with Joy. Armed with our pre-stitching our goal was to stitch the dragonfly and work on the construction of the case. During class  we used  5 weights of gold threads to make a gold gilted  dragonfly to adorn the fan etui. Threads used were Smooth Purl, Pearl Purl, Passing Thread Gilt Sylke Twist and Tambour Thread. This was my first time working with these threads. For a first attempt I am very pleased with my dragonfly.

Dragonfly taking flight from the branch of a mulberry tree.

In stitches,


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