Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Frog infestation

I hoped to be sharing my finish of Softly Walk over the weekend. I found out that my project had a frog infestation. I had miscounted the placement of my verse, the two lines started running together so I had to rip it.. rip it.... I finally got the verse restitched on Sunday, but I have not been able to get a good picture. Since the time change, when I get home the lighting is bad or not existent. It seems to get dark by 5PM now. 'How to finish the piece?' is the question that I have to decide. I have seen several different treatments of this piece from framing to pillows and they all looking like good choices. I have 2 pieces of left over fabric that may work for a pillow back and piping.
Decisions .... decisions ..... I guess this will be my first project for Halloween 2010.

Something Wicked: Vonna's, The Attic's, Corine's, Gandja's

Softly Walk is finally finished:

Softly Walk
This week I will be working on an exchange project and finishing some ornaments that have been languishing on the finishing pile for way to long.

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