Sunday, May 18, 2008

Braids and things.......

Last week my order from Lacis arrived with my bone lucet and 2 books on making braids using a lucet. I recently learned to make cord with a lucet while at Celebration of Needlework in NH. I finally got a chance to play with my new lucet on Saturday. The lucet we used in class is made of wood so the bone lucet is taking some getting use to. I think I like the feel of the wood lucet better, but I will keep practicing with both.

I was able to complete most of the stitching and finishing on 2 of my exchange pieces. They have to be mailed by the end of the month. Now I just have 2 more, but they are not due until the end of June. They are next on the list of things to start.

The stitching on Martha's Little Pocket is now complete and I am waiting for my basket to arrive. This project by Jane Timmers of Fancy Work was designed for members of the Magnolia Sampler Guild who attended our April meeting. Jane has plans to release the chart later, check her blog for more information.

Thanks for stopping by and reading my blog. Please leave a comment if you wish. Enjoy your week.


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